You dream of reducing the length of your projects by 40%? It is time to go from dream to reality.

Welcome to Pro CC

Pro CC helps you managing your projects

... and obtaining outstanding results in mastering your projects thanks to the Critical Chain (on time and in conformity with the initial schedule, in accordance with your budgets, to live up to your technical demands or those of your customers).

Our aim is to bring you our expertise in project and team management. 

We offer to carry out the promising projects of your company successfully, to manage your projects in a world of uncertainties, to create more with as much.

We mainly position ourselves 

...on the diagnosis of your project management's structure and the specifications of expected profits. We can define and prepare this structure by taking your specificities into account. We know how to inform and train the whole of your employees and will be at your side all along the starting process to ensure the sustainability of accumulated profits.

Critical Chain: see Glossary